Hello! Meet Sabrina

When I was a girl one of my dreams was to become a photographer for National Geographic. Travel the world, photograph nature, capture images of people living their lives. But somewhere along the line I put my camera down. I’m not sure why, but so it goes. I thought some dreams stay dreams.

Photography came back into my life in a most unexpected way. I became a mother. Looking at my own little girl, all the feelings stirred. Happiness. Love. Inspiration. Creativity. Adventure.

[Photograph by CKoester Inspired]

I felt like a child again myself, giddy with excitement to explore this world together as a family. I picked my camera back up (well, a new one at this point) and slowly reminded myself how much I love to be behind the lens.

My inspiration has expanded since the days of my National Geographic crush. I still love photographing travel, nature and culture. But I also find such joy in photographing children, wonder-filled as they explore the world, and families, oozing with love. Ooh, that family love is just so powerful and beautiful.

And so, Outdoor Family Photography was born.

It has been an honor to photograph the families I have so far, to capture their happiness and their laughter. Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your life. I truly cannot wait to meet the other families I will photograph along this journey, and give them back a snapshot in time of their love together.