Family Photography Session | Allaire State Park, NJ

It has been such a wonderful experience to photograph D+K and their family year after year. Each year, their son a year older. Each time, a new place for us to explore together. I still remember our first year with their son in the baby swing, toddling around while they held his hands. Now he’s off running and exploring. We were excited to check out Allaire State Park and their trains, jump back in some water and play in the forest together.

I was so grateful for the train conductors, who really made this experience extra special. We expected to look at the trains and maybe take some photographs with them in the background. Not only did they give us access to the train tracks, but they invited everyone onboard too.

The morning just continued to be lovely from there, as D+K are game for playing…and tree climbing, and getting covered in leaves, and going barefoot in the creek. I love it.

Here are some of my favorites photographs of our time together. Enjoy!

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