Maternity + Family Photography | Bradley Beach, NJ

Every photography session has its own vibe. Its own personality. That comes from the family. It comes from the day. It comes from the weather. It comes from the location. And it’s fairly common that a session will start out one way and loosen up over the time we spend together. So that through the journey we get more and more of the photographs I love. The ones filled with the most personality, and the most genuine of emotions.

Already knowing C+K and their kids so well we had a lovely head start. Being on the beach, there was a lot of room to climb and run and playfully pose. And so they did. Happily. But then we got even more playful so that by the end of the session we were waist – and baby belly! – deep in the water. Each wave of the ocean making for a new round of gleeful squeals from the girls, now soaked head to toe. Mama feeling called to immerse herself in it all. And dad game for everything. Anyone else who wants to jump in the ocean with me, I’m ready. Anytime.

Beautiful to capture C+K and the girls just before their baby’s arrival. Here are some of my favorite images from our time together:

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