Family Photography Session, High Line, New York City

The High Line is a really beautiful way to take in some of the sights in New York City. What was once a stretch of elevated train track, is now an elevated park. It’s complete with everything you’d expect in a park, plus some funky art work and kid-friendly exhibits. Being that’s in New York City, of course, as you walk along, you’re also surrounded by buildings loaded with charm, as well as views of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River, and on and on. So, yeah, it’s great.

When S+V contacted me to do a family photography session here, I couldn’t wait. We met in at the north end of the High Line, at the Midtown West entrance and worked our way down to the south end, in the West Village. Along the way, we had such a great time exploring all there was to see  – and for S+V’s girls, all there was to climb on. Turns out, there were just as many nooks and crannies for us to take pictures in, as there were places along the path with everyone else. It was a joy to capture the playfulness of S+V’s girls and the love between S+V.

Here are some of my favorite shots from our family photography session:

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